Sunday, August 27, 2006

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines #855

[DVD] [Jonathan Mostow]

On the verge of the rise of the machine, a female terminator (T-X) hunts down John O'Connor. Again, the Terminator must protect John and civilisation.

Opinion :
What I consider the best of the three films, because of strong performances by all casts and the completion of the narrative, built up in Terminator 1.

The standout performance for me, was Claire Danes, in arguable one of her most competent performance to that date , as she manages to portray the confusion and heroism her chacter demands.

Nick Stahl (Bully) is believable as an older John O'Connor, but the poor development of this character in the last sequel means , for the audience, there is nothing new in his character for us to be surprised with.

The inclusion in this sequel of a female terminator (Kristanna Loken), is probably the weakest of the three terminator villians, as her character is one dimensional, and does not have the same destructive feel as say for instant, the second film's villian.

Schwarzenneger however, in his final Terminator performance, fits in well considering his age and the year difference from the first film to this. He is so at ease now with the character , the in-jokes, and the stilted performance that it becomes natural to him.

Overall a nice way to end the trilogy and worth seeing.


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