Sunday, August 27, 2006

Superman Returns #856

Superman Returns
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After a hiatus, Superman Returns to battle the forces of Lex Luthor.

Not the best Superman film out there, but it has some enjoyable aspects. The majority of the film is disappointing, with major plot queries to obvious for any movie goer to ignore (why doesn't Lois Lane have a scratch on her after the air rocket incident).

Brandon Routh is disappointing as Superman, but nails the performance of Clark Kent perfectly. He doesn't seem to fit the bill as Superman, he is modelled too much on Christopher Reeve and his face and demeanor is too 'perfect' for the Superhero role. However, his bumbling Clark Kent is quite comical and controlled.

Lois Lane on the other hand is atrocious. The appalling mis-casting of Kate Bosworth, makes it seem like Lois Lane is a teenager, with her fragile presence on screen distracting and uninspiring.

As for villians- Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor is also disappointing, with his motivations and characterisations uninspiring. It seems only Parker Posey's over-the-top performance as Kitty Kowalski is the saving grace of an otherwise disappointing line-up of villians.

Two key cameos are rewarding for film buffs. Marlon Brando's outtakes from previous Superman's make an appearance at the films beginning and end, and this is both amazing and moving , for the late actor.
And Eva Marie Saint as Clark Kent's elder, in her short appearance is a lovely performance.


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