Sunday, September 03, 2006

Snakes on a Plane - #857

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[Village Gold Class] [David R Ellis]

Snakes are on a plane. That's pretty much it.

The B Grade film that has created so much interest in the Internet and Bloggers world. Why ? The concept is so tacky, Samuel L Jackson, a movie actor of considerable note attaches his name to it (and gets billing above the movie title), and you just know the script is going to be dodgy. But all together it creates an interest in movie goers as just how bad will this be ?

Well, it is very bad. The characters are very one- dimensional and typcial of disaster type films (the hostess on her last flight before retiring, the mother and her new born baby, the two kids- one who hates flying, so the other is looking after them), and because of this there is hardly an originality in this film. Infact the MacGuffin of the film (a Hitchcock term: google it to find the defintion) is Sean Jones (played by Nathan Jones of Wolf Creek fame). He literally does absolutely nothing on screen, and the same goes for his character, so much that when someone compliments him for all the help he has given, you literally scream out that he has done none at all.

The only saving graces for this film is that there are some terrifying moments, but some big action sequences are ruined by poor acting and obvious computer generate snakes. Pass.


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