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Devil Wears Prada - #858

Devil wears Prada
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2006 [David Frankel] 2/5

Synopsis: A young woman gets the job of the lifetime as the personal assistant of Miranda Priestly, the ruthless New York magazined editor.

A flashy film , with a dynamic supporting performance by Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly, in which she exhibits cunningness, and ruthlessness all at the raise of an eyebrow and smirk.

Interestingly, the film is told through the eyes of Anne Hathaway, as Andy Sachs and therefore she is the central character and Meryl is actually the supporting actress (although critics are raving her as a lead actress). But the casting of Hathaway is deeply flawed- she is far too young, and unconvincing, and regardless of the attempt to justify her elevation to the role of Personal assistant, as a viewer you find it difficult to believe.

Streep however is quite dynamic, her performance relies on her mannerisms and cold comments and it is refreshing to see her revel in this style of acting. I don't think her performance is anything wonderful, her lines are ideal and direction is the main reason why many would call her performance outstanding.

Adrian Grenier, as Hathaway's boyfriend, who gets lost in the cirucs of Hathaway's work life, probably comes out of this film the best, as his character is very honest and his portrayal real.

An enjoyable film, with Streep's performance the eye catcher- but sadly , not many high points in this film.


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