Sunday, October 15, 2006

Talledaga Nights - #859

Talledaga Nights
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[2006] Adam McKay

Ricky Bobby, Nascar driver, must overcome his fear and personal issue to succeed once more.

Not the best movie vehicle Will Ferell has done. I quite liked him in Anchorman, as his character had several nuances about him, but Ferell writing of his character in this film lacks depth and in particular honest motivation.

Sure this film is more of a romp through half ass Nascar jokes, ladies in bikinis and alot of racing speed- but the lack of the central characters motivation, and really the weak script doesn't hold up for for 108 minutes.

Actually, the higlhight of the film is Gary Cole, as Ricky Bobby's father Reece- his character has some honesty about him, but that too doesn't cover up the fact for his lack of motivation and depth.

This film clearly isn't meant to be anything great, but it even fails to be good. Mainly all of it's joke are flat and unmemorable. The only saving grace of this film is the sound editing and sound effects.


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