Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alien vs Predator 2.

RATING: 1.5 / 5
VIEWED: 29 May 2008

Alien and Predators descend on earth to battle against each other and humans.

Amazing to think, that a film can spawn (pardon the pun) a sequel, where the two title character dont' even talk.
There is only so much stalking and fighting one can do. So to fill in the gaps, the filmmakers have incorporate short, mindless,
scenes involving human interaction (boy delivers pizza) (boy and girl in swimming pool) - but which each link to the ongoing battle between Alien and Predator.
In particular, one plot point is driven by the loss of a Pizza Delivery boys car keys down the sewer drain. You can really only take this film on the face value that it portrays- mindless action sequences, building to an ultimate showdown.

The two title characters are no longer scary. Their appearances is overblown by fast editing and dark scenary- rather than letter the characters tell the story in their actions.

A disappointing sequel , and really an unneccessary one- but it had to be made consider Alien vs Predator 1 made enough money. The only shining light is Johnny Lewis as Ricky Howard character- but even that goes to prove in slasher scary films, that the most vulnerable characters are always the ones the ulimately survive.

Directed by Colin Strause - whose only claim to fame is Nickelback Videos (and even those are deplorable), and his brother Greg Strause also co-directs. Both the Strause should stick to visual effects, of which they are strong at doing (see: Poseidon, MI 3, The Day After Tomorrow)

Film Trivia:
For the first time, the Predator is never seen by humans, without its mask.


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